„Red“ by Mason Wirtz

Pain. Everyone believes to known what pain is, as well as how it feels. But they don’t know—you don’t know. You don’t understand what it is to have an emptiness consume you. An emptiness that claws its way through your skin and imbeds itself in your bones. An emptiness, the weight of which more overwhelming than one may imagine.   …

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„To the Moon“ by Ioana-Mihaela Cozac

He checked his watch under the glare of the waning gibbous moon. He’d been digging for twenty minutes now and the moment was fast-approaching. Decaying leaves in trees and decaying leaves on the ground. Dying bugs and dying plants. Death embraced the world. The crisp September wind didn’t improve things by rustling the leaves, giving him the impression that someone …

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220° Café Nonntal: “The eye gets the first nibble” – reviewed by Nina

„Set in a former workshop for electric motors, 220° Café delivers one of the finest breakfasts in Salzburg.“ Read the review here: 220 Grad Review_Nina 2018  

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Pur:isst, Salzburg: ‘An elegant, cosy ambience and pork ribs to die for’ – reviewed by Simon

  Hier geht’s zur Review: restaurant-review_lehner-final-version-nur-review

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Marge Piercy’s Woman on the edge of Time – Reviewed by pantts 

„Woman on the Edge of Time“ deals with the struggles of a woman of colour, incarcerated in a psychiatric hospital in the 1970s, who describes her travels to future, trying to help create a better world. Is she really able to travel in time, or do we, the readers just want to believe in a better future? It is about …

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